Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh Give It Up!

The following post is brought to you by the people at American Idol and their "fundraising" efforts tonight.  It's a moment of pure ranting and raving.  Back to my usual posts next time.

Dear Bono, Oprah, and every other celebrity asking me to fork over my hard earned cash for your cause:

I am so sick of you asking me to donate to a charity or cause that you "support".  I work hard for my money.  Even harder now that I gave up the Ascend into Hell job that paid the big bucks in exchange for a more rewarding yet less (seriously less - I mean REALLY less) paying teaching gig.  And I am not a stingy or cold hearted person.  I have probably spent more money on causes that were not my own than I can recall.  So I find it very ironic that you (Bono, Oprah, et all) can ask me to give up my barely-making-ends-meet-pay to help others when you are flying to and fro in a privet jet and don't have to play the "which bill isn't going to get paid this month" game.  If you really wanted to end world hunger, save all the starving people in Africa, stop the spread of AIDS and the decrease the number of AIDS orphans, you would give up that jet and fly Southwest with the rest of us in the middle income bracket.  Or donate ALL of the income from your songs, records, t.v. shows, etc. to your "cause-du-jour".  Somehow watching you talk to a starving girl in the Sudan while you are wearing $400 Prada sunglasses, does not instill in me the highest of respect for you or your "foundation".  Want to put your money where your mouth is?  Give up that million dollar home and donate the cash to charity.  Stop wearing jeans that equal my weekly wage and get to Gap like the rest of us.  Quit staying at the Ritz and move it over to Motel 8 or the Homestead Suites.  I think it is complete BS that you can't give up what you have in order to support what you believe in but you want me to "give until it hurts" on an income that barely passes the poverty line.

Now before you start thinking I am a heartless b*tch and don't care about the world around me, I do and I emotionally support your efforts.  And if I could, I would give more to my supported charities, but I can't stomach your bleeding heart whining when you only drink Evan and haven't missed a meal since your last fad-induced diet plan.  Try missing one because you can't afford the food or everything in your fridge is expired/molded or died last week.  So until the day comes that I see you driving a Ford Focus and clipping the coupons to make a dollar go farther because you have "given until it hurts" to your celebrity cause; you will get no respect from me.


Abbie said...

Don't know about this Lisa.
When I used to give to charity expecting blessings in return I was sorely disappointed. But when I gave out without conditions attached, it just made me a happier worthwhile person and I didn't care what that money was used for or who else could be giving more or less.
I'm saying that to say, changing ones perspective on giving makes a huge difference.
And to all the Ophras and Bonos of the world. To each his own.

How soon can we expect this new layout??

~**Dawn**~ said...

I agree that it would be easier to stomach their presence on my tv, imploring people to give, if I saw them doing more than just standing there, "being compelling".

the incomparable mjenks said...

You'd think, with the money they have in the bank, that they could just take the interest off that money and donate that on an annual basis.

I won't get down on Oprah too much, since she does do a lot of work in Africa and such. But, still, she's about as ubiquitous as robins at this point. Take some of that spare couch change and help out.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Ok, I'm not completely inhuman. I do donate to charities and believe in giving back. Yes, Oprah et al have given a lot to their charities. I just find it hypocritical to cry about a situation while hosting multi-million dollar birthday parties for yourself or staying at a several hundred dollar a night hotel while staying IN the impoverished country you are "supporting"
OK off my rant now.