Monday, April 14, 2008

Jerkying Off

I can't believe it!
This is really against everything that is good and holy in this world.
I can't believe I never did this before and now that I am doing is sooooo good.  
It does leave my breath smelling a little strange though and if it I do it too much it upsets my stomach. 
Sad thing is, I managed to go 30-some-odd-years and had to learn about this from New Guy. (Apparently he has been into it for a long time now.) When I first tried it, I was so repulsed I thought I might gag or throw up. But I held my breath and took the plunge and I loved it. Then it grew on me and now I find myself doing it all the time.  I even do it at school between teaching classes.  I know I am going to get caught, but I can't help myself.  

OK, for those of you with your minds stuck in the gutter...Get Out.  I'm talking about eating Beef Jerky!! This stuff is the bomb!!  I love it!  Plus, apparently it is good for you since it is like all protein and low calorie. Granted it has your life time supply of sodium in it, but what is a little water retention among friends??  

Honestly if you had asked me to try this stuff two months ago, I would have made all sorts of faces and practically thrown up at the mere mention of Beef Jerky. Hello?!? I'm a high maintenance Southern Woman and we do not eat beef jerky thank you very much. That stuff is for our trailer living relatives and Nascar-lovin' friends. Well, color me happy I've changed my mind. Now I am a jerky addict. It's like little slices of steak, albeit really well done steak with a lot of A-1 sauce on it, but steak non-the-less. And it does leave one's breath smelling less than spring-fresh that's for sure.  I recommend a good teeth scrubbing or at least a high-powered chewing gum for afterwards.

Well, I just wanted to share the good news about my new found love and maybe convince some of you to get a little jerky in your life as well.  :-) 

P.s. I haven't forgotten the Squirrel Nuts I promised. Don't worry it's coming but in the mean time, go get your jerky on.


Ainsley said...

If you love jerky now- wait till you have the homemade venison jerky. I am telling you- yummo. Get new guy to shoot you a deer cause that's some addictive jerky.
oh man! now i want some jerky!

Anonymous said...

I thought I reared you better than that! Of coarse you can eat jerky, you just hide it in the back of the pantry and you certainly don't go about publishing the fact. Oh the shame! What will the ladies say now. Your mama

the incomparable mjenks said...

I was about to say something about the southern ladies around my parts, but then I realized that Carolina Southern Ladies and the Southern Belles of Texas are incomparable. So...yeah.

Jerky is good. You can make your own, too, if you want different flavors. I saw Alton Brown do it once, and he's southern. So it must be good, right?

Abbie said...

lol!! My mind was in the gutter, I read the title has "Jerking off" instead of "Jerkying off"

These eyes of mine, they see what they wanna see.

Oh please, don't forget to blog about the pervert who couldn't spell, but came to your blog for information on "jerkying off"...

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am going to second the recommendation of venison jerky. OMG yummy.