Monday, October 18, 2010

Are You a Good Witch or A Bad Witch?

Apparently the women's movement has yet to overcome the one holiday where we get to express our inner alter egos.

Last week I was in search of some Wizard of Oz decorations for a bulletin board at school.  During my search, I went to several party supply stores and a few costume outlets.  Note:  Wizard of Oz is apparently passe on the party circuit as I could not find ANY decorations remotely dealing with ruby slippers, gingham dresses or dogs named Toto.  Ditto on the Good Witch.  However, I did find several variations on the Wicked Witch of the West.  Let's just say that having a bucket of water doing her in has done wonders for her night life.

What I also discovered on my Dorothy Hunt was that no matter how far the Equal Rights fight and Bra Burning movement has come, the costume makers of America apparently use October 31st as the day to break it all back down to the level of every porn fantasy ever thought of.  Because, according to the costume choices given to women, we apparently want to make each one of our alter egos the same variation on one theme: SLUT.

So I am standing there in front of this HUGE wall of costume choices and I start to notice a pattern.  See if you can find it:

Sexy Cop

Sexy Doctor

Sexy Lawyer


Sexy Teacher        Sexy Bartender         Sexy Witch         Nun    
Sexy Vampire        Sexy Zombie           Sexy Kitten         Nun

Anyone seeing a pattern here?  Apparently in my foolish believe that Halloween was a time to play dress up and, for me, homage to my shameless adoration of Scarlet O'Hara and her fine green velvet drapes, I missed the part where I was supposed to make Ms. Scarlet look more like Belle Whatley than a fine Southern Lady.  How is it that this fun time of being fairies, witches and Minnie Mouse has turned into a live peep show for perverts?  I don't remember seeing any male costumes that included fishnet stockings, 4 inch hooker heels and a thong.  Apparently, we women really didn't go through that whole women's lib movement in order to be thought of as equals, but rather we suffered through it in order to fulfill some twisted guy fantasy one night out of every year.  Go figure.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go find a costume that can set the women's movement back into 2010.   Anyone know where I can get a positive female role model costume that comes with dignity and respect?