Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bon Pasku & Bon Nuevo Annos

What? It means Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in Pompementaeu. Which is what they speak on the island of Bonaire. It's a small island right above Venezuela and sort of in between Arruba and Curacao. And it's where my Mom lives. They moved there about three years ago and I get the added bonus of "having" to go visit my Mom in the Caribbean. Damn, life's not fair.

So, while I everyone is suffering the fall out from the nasty weather in the states, I am soaking up the sun and SCUBA diving in the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean. (Bonaire is the #1 voted Caribbean dive spot). Yeah, it sucks to be me, I know.

I will return with my new and improved blogging after the first week in January. Just wanted to wish everyone a safe & Happy New Year!


Vanessa said...

Your Mom lives in Bonaire? Is she adopting? I went there once and extended the vacation to last an entire month I loved it so much.

LarryLilly said...

My son goes there for scuba once a year, he says there isnt much else to do except dive, and the very first time he went he stepped on a stingray, so the first couple of days he was laid up with a swollen ankle, but the salt piles are nice to look at LOL.

Chemgeek said...

OK, I've shown restraint until now. As I freeze my ass off here in the southern-most Canadian province of Minnesota, all I can say is:

you suck!!!

Anonymous said...

seriously? how old are you? The language is called Papiamentu and Curacao is in between Aruba and Bonaire. If your mom is living there I would expect you to be more interested.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

WOW. Since this was written over five years ago and my geography has improved a bit. But since you asked my age I am guessing you are a jackass and manners were not your thing. Oh and since there is no official spelling to the language, I can misspell or spell it any way I fucking please.
Have a Bon Pasku