Monday, December 8, 2008

How Do You Like Me Now?

Last Sunday, I met a Blog-friend!! You guys, this was sooooo cool.  There is so much to tell you'all, so don't lose me here.

First, I met Caps through our blogs and Ravelry. Oh and she is a way better knitter than I am!  Not to mention the girl kicks Martha Stewart ass when it comes to getting the Christmas decorations done, cards mailed, presents knitted (yes, I said knitted), crafty decorations made and her own personal four disk set of rockin' Christmas carols.  Me? Yeah, not so much.  If you get your card before Valentine's Day, think of it as my way of extending the holidays just a little bit longer.  

Anyway, after many moons of blog-talking and my joyful winning of a personal copy of the said four disk Christmas set, Caps and I thought it would be great to meet IRL.  Being that we are both residing in the same town and all. 

First off, you all, it's kind of weird to meet some one you know, but don't know, but want to know, but are afraid they won't like you, but don't really know.  And what if you don't like them? And what if they are really just a front for some psycho-cyber-stalking ring that withholds Ho-ho's and xanax from unsuspecting first year teachers??  And did I mention, I was REALLY afraid she wouldn't like me?
I mean, it's kind of like a blind date that your mutual friend sets you up on.  And has told you all the details about the person, but forgets to mention the really important the name.  True story, I didn't know Caps' name!!  I only knew her as Cappydoodles!!  (Which makes for an odd moment when you first meet.)

Well, it turns out that Caps is way too cute and cool.  (And I don't think she would ever withhold any Ho-ho's or Xans, thank GAWD!!)  We chatted, knitted, and ogled yarn.  She told me where she was from and I told her about my mouse adventures in Houston.  Turns out Caps has a handbag problem as well.  I KNEW I would like this girl!  Although we were good and didn't buy any new knitting bags, or yarn.  (Damn you, Budget!!)  She did try to convince me that knitting socks was easy, but I am not too sure...  

So, how did it go, you might ask?  Did she like me?  I think so and I made her blog for the day! That must be a good sign.  Ms. Tastrophie has to say that she has never been that confident when she meets people for the first time.  Honestly, I talk a blue streak out of nerves and people have been known to gnaw their own arms off in order to escape.  Me?  Did I like her?  Oh Hell Yeah!! She knits, she decorates, she makes jello-shots in actual syringes.  What could you not like?!?!  (Cappydoodles ~ can't wait for the next time! I have to try that jello-shot idea.)

Now, all I have to do is meet:
... And many more (but it's late and I need to BS my way through another lesson plan.)


Chemgeek said...

Watch out for Wizard Cat. If you piss him off, he'll turn you into a giant Ho-ho and then he'll do some time travel crap and transport your past self into the present and "past you" will eat "Ho-ho you" and then Wizard Cat will send "Past you" back into the past and then you will no longer exist and Wizard Cat will say something like, "That's what I call 'irony'"

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

On an old forum board I hung out on, I met up with some folks a couple of times. For some reason, one of the guys couldn't remember my first name. And he kept referring to me all night long as just "ThistleKing". It was kind of odd. I should have worn a name tag or something, I guess.

I'm boggled by the story of Wizard Cat from above. I think I need a ho-ho and some xanax now.

Reenie said...

YEA! I made a list:)

I'm glad that you 2 met finally. Try the can do it.

bnuggs said...

Hi, Lisa-tastrophies!! This is Cappydoodles mom from Michigan. So glad you got to meet my daughter. I'm kind of partial to her myself! Of course, she gets ALL her talents from ME!!!!! said...

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dg said...

Darlin', I would LOVE to meet you! I have no doubt you and I would get along. No worries there. A pitcher of margaritas, a few ho hos and a couple of xanax, and we're on the happy train! Plus, you and I are both fabulous, so we'd fit together like two lost puzzle pieces of coolness and gooberfied fun.

I agree w/Chemgeek - watch out for the Wiz. He just might try to sniff your crotch.

McGone said...

If we met I think at first we would have to sit across the table from each other and just text back and forth to ease our way into the Meeting For Real thing.

Vanessa said...

SO lets organize a meetup of that list of bloggers and Caps can make jello shots and I'll make pudding shots for dessert!