Friday, July 4, 2008

Four for the Fourth

In a step away from my traditional snarky insightfulness (and because my mom gave me grief about deep down being a nicer person - yeah, does she know me??...there will be an upcoming blog on that one I promise), I have decided to do a different kind of post.  

It's the 4th!  That wonderful holiday where we wrap ourselves in the flag, drink beer, burn sacrifices of meat on the grill and attempt to blow ourselves up with what basically amounts to the small arms department of a third world country in fireworks.

So today I am celebrating America by picking four American that I think are noteworthy and have stuck in my mind as a slice of Americana.  And since I don't normally do these kinds of blogs I am tagging everyone who reads it to do the same on their blog.  Pick only four that you want to light a sparkler for and toast to the greatness that is the Red, White, and Blue and list them on your blog. 

1. Margaret Sanger - The woman who brought women the right to have sex and not worry about getting knocked up.  She advocated birth control in a day when the only birth control option you had was brought to you by those inventive people at the Vatican.  And we all know white people ain't got no rhythm to begin with.  So what made them think we were going to have it in bed, is beyond me.  Too bad Margaret was also a racists b*tch who believed in eugenics (basically a form of euthanasia and forced sterilization) because that totally undoes her legacy of founding Planned Parenthood.

2. Abraham Lincoln - Aside from the obvious things he did as 16th President, he inspires me in his failures.  A personal note about me:  I have done a lot of things in my life that, well...let's just say didn't quite work out the way my "master plan" had  intended.  Learning that President Lincoln also had some issues with things working out as well as he had intended as helped give me hopes that my plan for World Domination will one day succeed.

3. Miss America - Since 1921, she has never failed to inspire, entertain and instill body size issues in thousands of young girls.  I love this last bastion of the "Good Old Days".  Every September, for three hours I was glued to the t.v. to find out who Bert Parks would serenade with those famous words, "There she is, Walking on air she is, There she is...Miss America".  She has become as cheesy as they come, but I love it.  So pass the Two Buck Chuck and let the air kisses begin.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt - She was the best president this country every had.  (Cause you know she was running the show in that administration!)  Eleanor showed the world that women are equal and that behind any historically significant man, is a woman who is really doing all the work.



Vanessa said...

Happy Independence Day! I love Abe Lincoln too!

Abbie said...

Happy independence day luv, thanks for the somewhat history lesson. Margaret Sanger, hmm, I must look her up.

DG said...

Fantastic! Yeah, I'd heard that Sanger was into eugenics. Personally? The idea of forced sterilization until at least the age of 25 isn't necessarily bad. Um, a total violation of personal rights and freedom, but probably a precursor to better parenting due to forced life experience.

I know. I suck. I'm Hitler and everything.

Happy Fourth!!!!