Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can't Touch This St. Pat!

To all my Irish friends.  
I love ya'all.  I really do.  
I love that you think 24 hours of drinking makes the Irish the king of the booze-hounds.  
I seriously love that you actually managed to get the Catholic church to sanction a full day of booze-hounding. My hat's off to you on that one. ;-)  
I love that if I color my hair red you will accept me as Irish without having to do a family-tree autopsy.... even if my red-hair only lasts 30 washings or until my next trip to the beauty parlor.

Can you feel the love I am sending you, laddies?  
You can?  Good.  Cause I got some news for you.  Twenty-Four hours of booze-hounding does not the King of Booze-Hounds make.  Try Oktoberfest.  Yes, that's right. Thirty-one days of BEER, BEER, BEER and more BEER.    
Brought to you by the same people who think that lederhosen are a serious fashion statement. Thirty-one days when the only arm work out you do is the beer stein curl and everyone looks good ~even in the middle of the day!  
Yep, the Germans may not have been able to dominate the world as they had originally planned; but they seriously kick some Irish arse in the beer-drinking-celebration category.  

Now, if I could only actually go to an Oktoberfest.............
Or drink more than one beer before getting "tipsy" and embracing my German Heritage while single handedly embarrassing two nations...  (I have been told that the term "light weight" doesn't translate to German in any other form than stummer Esel ~dumb ass or literally: mute donkey.)

So on this day of celebrating all things Irish, I say drink up.  Enjoy.  And see you in October. :-)


DG said...

Sie sind auch deutsch? Ja! Die Deutschen können wie niemandes Geschäft trinken!

Um...I think I just said, you're German too? Yeah! Them Germans kin drink lahk nobody's bid-nez!

Or something like that.

Begrüßen to the family!

Vanessa said...

I agree Oktoberfest is the true test, not St. Patricks Day. Happy St. Patty's Day anyway!

Anonymous said...

Duuuude...I"m German AND Irish! It's all booze to me!

mjenks said...

What's more impressive is that Oktoberfest is really just an exceptionally long bachelor party.

That being said, the beers the Irish drink kick the German's in taste, body, texture, and alcohol. Plus, the Irish have whisky.

Nilsa S. said...

That's hysterical. Because I'm neither Irish nor German, so I can sit back and watch you all duke it out.

Houston said...

I'm thinking a trip to Frederickburg is in the making - I hear they have a pretty good Oktoberfest out that way...

DG said...

Go to New Braunfels, TX, for Wurstfest. The tagline for Wurstfest is "A Ten Day Salute to Sausage!" It is also a ten day salute to yummy German beer.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I WAS drunk when I left me earlier comment. LOL

Trish Ryan said...

I was babysitting small children on St. Patrick's day, so I tried to keep the boozing to a minimum...they're still too young to be taught about our Irish heritage :)