Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things That Go GRRRRRR In The Night

This is a little diversion from my usual posting type, but this was too weird and I want to see if anyone else has had this type of experience.  Basically when it comes to scary things, I am a chicken.  I don't do slasher flicks or anything that is an American remake of a Japanese horror film because those are scarier than all get out to me.  The Ring (which I watched with ALL the lights on and only because I was forced) frightened me so much I almost threw out my t.v.

So, knowing my chicken of all things horror/super natural/slasher, I don't tend to have bad dreams.  Occasionally the sad ones or ones where I am naked and have to take the final in my Logics class.  But not ones that freak me out or scare me.  

Last night I was having a bit of difficulty sleeping.  Side note about me: I am a true insomniac.  I want 8 hours of sleep ~ believe me~ but on my own will only get about 3 to 4.  I had done all my pre-sleep rituals: lavender, reading (for fun and boring academic stuff), cuddling with Elsa & Bud E. but nothing was working. Finally around 3 a.m. I start to nod off.  Somewhere between being awake and fully asleep I think this happened.

I was lying on my side with a pillow covering my face (the apartment lights up the parking lot like the airport runway).  When I feel a hand on my side and hear a low guttural growling.  Here's the kicker, I FULLY FELT this hand and how it pressed against my side.  It wasn't a light touch, but more of a keep you in place type touch.  The growling type sound was almost demonic ~ and I don't believe in that stuff, so believe me when I say it was pretty scary.  My first thought was OH MY GOD someone is in my house!  How the hell am I going to get out of this?  Then I tried to figure out if I was really awake or if I was dreaming.  I make myself move my right hand.  It moved.  I open my eyes under the pillow.  They opened and I saw some light. And I am fully aware that I can still hear this grrrrrrrr throaty noise beside me.  

My heart was pounding and my entire body had moved into Fight or Flight mode.  After what left like forever, it stopped.  Just completely stopped.  No hand holding me down, not ggrrrrrrr sound.  Nothing.  When I finally mustered enough courage to throw the pillow off my face and confront whoever was in my house, there was nothing/no one there.  But wait, it gets even stranger.  Ever been away and had someone in your house?  That feeling you have when you come back and you KNOW someone has been there?  Things may not be out of place and nothing is missing, but you can SENCE it?   That's how it felt in my bedroom.  I was completely freaked out and then I saw my bedroom door... it was shut.

I don't close my bedroom door ~ ever!  It's a thing with me that I want it open, don't know why.  But it was closed.  Not just the cats knocked it and it swung slightly shut.  It was CLOSED as in the door completely flush in the frame.  History of where I live: There is none!  I am the first occupant in this apartment. It was brand new when I moved in.  So there isn't any freaky built on a ancient burial ground, someone got murdered, old woman eaten by her cats, type history going on here.  So why the door was shut I don't know.  I am sure there is some logical explanation for this, but I can't think of one or why I would have arbitrarily decided to shut it.  

So I wonder, has anyone else had a dream that seemed SO REAL that when they woke up they had trouble distinguishing between the dream and reality?  This thing is kind of weirding me out. Especially since I do not believe in anything that goes "bump" in the night.  Was this just a very vivid dream or am I losing it?  (Oh, wait don't answer that one.)


Wine and Words said...

I had an experience, can't call it a dream because I still don't think it was. I was laying face down in bed when I felt two hands between my shoulder blades. They pushed me down into my pillow and I could not breathe or raise my head. I could not scream though I tried. It seemed interminable and I tried to speak the name of Jesus, muffled to the pillow though I was. I knew if I could speak the name, the demon could not be present. Finally I just screamed it in my head....the hands lifted and I pulled my face from the pillow gasping for air. I was so shaken I turned on all the lights and decided to take a bath. As I sat in the tub, I could still feel the impression of those hands. This was no dream. It was the hands that woke me. Flippin freaky, and not the first time. God I pray it is the last.

ag said...

um... this is FREAKY!! i'm pretty sure i would move if that happened to me. good luck sleeping tonight. being a person who is afraid (read: terrified) of the dark... i recommend leaving every light in your apartment on, and putting chairs in front of all doors.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I've had dreams like that. Well, not like yours, but I've had dreams that felt so real that it felt like it had happened. I just chalked it up to old memories or old desires bubbling to the top of my sleeping consciousness.

As for what you experienced, I don't know. Could the cats have bumped the door almost closed and the air return on the air conditioning shut it the rest of the way?

Lisa-tastrophies said...

@Wine: Amen to that! If I never have one of these freaky dreams again it will be too soon.

@AG ~ Yep, left the lights on for two nights and put a golf club by my bed.

@Mjenks ~I am postulating on your theory and choosing to believe it's hypothesis is true. At least that is what I am going to say happened.

dg said...

Oooh girl, I dunno. I have had some dreams that were very real - usually I am walking around stark naked or I need to pee and poop so bad it is killing me - and I can totally feel the breeze on my skin or feel that full bladder / colon...but I usually wake up and realize it is a dream. (And run promptly into the bathroom to relieve myself.) But! The shut door...that's wiggin' me out a bit.