Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank You Easter Bunny!! Bock Bock

Ode to the favorite cadbury commercial of all times

Now before everyone goes off hating me after my last blog and thinks that I am a complete waste of carbon life for my pettiness; I would like to say a few thank yous.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blogs and has given me such wonderful and positive feedback. I am even more thankful that you all figured out how to use the comment section of the use it!!

Thank you Mom & WB for moving to THE DIVING SPOT of the world just so that I would have a place to stay when I go diving. I can't tell you how thankful I am that you did that!! I don't know of many parents who would sacrifice their retirement just so their scuba-diving-daughter could endlessly dive Bonaire.....Oh, and I will see you next month. And no I am not smuggling in my body's weight in banana pudding mix again. That full body cavity check they did at customs last time still gives me nightmares.

Thank you Doodle for your never ending attempts to instill that Home Depot gene in me. Gawd bless you for trying, but even Napoleon knew when he had met his Waterloo. Plus, I keep checking and Home Depot does not sell least not ones that come in one piece

To the SPIKE and TNT TV stations. Thank you for never yielding in your showing of the Law & Order and CSI episodes. Thanks to you I now know everything I need to know if I ever want to "off" someone and get away with it. To everyone else: I am making a list....

It is because of you Dad that I can kick @$$ on Jeopardy in the "Useless Knowledge for 1000" category! I totally love that I know that Hesephut was the only woman to rule Egypt as Pharaoh and that a polar bear's hair is really transparent. It's the cool stuff that makes the day more interesting. Now if I could have only gotten your singing voice.......Oh and I am really really happy that CL got your nails and not me.

Thank you Major Stud for coming back alive and in one piece. I would have had to killed you if you hadn't, so that save us both some bad karma and me from having to wear really awful orange jumpsuits for the rest of my life. And you know orange is not my color.

To my friends who have put up with my special brand of ....uuummmm well, looking at things. Thank you for putting up with me over the years. WeeBee, for knowing more about me than a person should ever have to know (without alcohol) and still liking me. AW for being my surrogate therapist at times. AM for keeping me honest one night a week....Are you in or are you out? KK- GO team KK!! Cause everyone buddy needs a dive buddy who is more insane about diving than they are. DS for being me surrogate Mom and "tell it like it is" girl.

Ok I have to stop because all this niceness is making my head hurt and I have a rep to protect. So I will be back to my usual ranting and raving on the next post. Damn, this must be PMS or old age or something, cause I know I am not this nice!!


Vanessa said...

Can I come to Bon Aire too? I LOVE that place. Its amazing. Its been almost ten years since I've been, but I basically ran off and stayed there for over a month. LOL I think I even forgot to tell a few people where I was!

Cora said...

I love your sarcasm. It has bite but isn't too mean. It is nice to read your thank yous. I will try to read your blog more often

Deb said...

Hay LA,
you're welcome!! that was nice, all the thanking and stuff- I started to reach for a tissue....
keep up the great work!
( where is Seinfeld??...has he not knocked on your door yet???)
kissy face to ya',

clh_95 said...

I WILL get that Home Depot gene implanted in you if I have to put you under while you are sleeping!! Where does this wit come from??

Ainsley said...

thank you for your thank you but uh= you stood me up this week! hehe!

Lisa Ann said...

I DID NOT stand AM up this week....she did not call me. Hello!! Pick up the phone woman!

DiverJeff said...

I cant believe you ref'd "Thank You Easter Bunny". That has got to be the best commercial ever made and still use from time to time.

And yes, Bonaire is one of the best places on earth.