Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolution

I am in total agreement with Jen Lancaster when I say this. Asking me what my New Year's Resolutions are when we do not know each other and have had no more contact than your asking me if I want" fries with that" is not a way to develop some sort of long lasting repartee. In fact if you are asking me if I want fries with that, I probably don't give enough of a damn to want to know what your New Year's resolution is unless it is something like "I will not spit on the customer's fries anymore".
So here is my New Year's Resolution:
"I resolve not to kill the next asshat that asks me what my New Year's Resolution is. However; if I break part one of this resolution, I resolve to use a better method for disposing of the body than last year's Fargo-inspired-chipper-shredder method."

Happy New Year!
* Go to Jen's Web-site for her version of the New Year's Resolution rant.  Web link on the Places to Go.


AndriskaGW said...

Alright more please--thank you!

AndreaGW said...

I just started reading your blog the other day. Well I knew you were hysterical, but I didn't know you were fucking hysterical. If this was in a newspaper I'd read it every day.
Talk to you soon.