Sunday, February 1, 2009

Out Of Service

Due to difficulties beyond our control, Ms. Tastrophie will not be posting for a while.
While she may visit blogs from time to time, she will not be attending to this site in the near future. Thank you to everyone who has posted, read and stalked this blog in the past.
Ms. Tastrophie hopes to one day return to her snarky ways and post again in the future.


Chemgeek said...

ahhh, nuts!!!

LarryLilly said...

the fine print dude?

dg said...

AWWW shucks! I hope only the best for you Leez. Will be thinking of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait til you're BACK!!

dg said...

Ms. Tastrophie...we miss you. I hope you are OK.

Feel free to email me at and let me know how you're doing. I miss your funnies.

Sassalicious said...

Please come back! We miss your snarkiness!! I have been a long-time blog stalker and I am running out of things to do at work without your posts.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Thank you to all who have written. I promise to make a come back soon. I had to take care of some Karma-kickbacks and now that I have that little BE-OTCH under control again, I can resume the snark.

@Chemgeek ~ how did you survive your first year of teaching? Is really going to be like this or does it get better?

@DG ~ I will. Now that I figured out that I can be trusted around a computer and a bottle of wine at the same time :-) Seriously, Ambien, a credit card, some vino and the internet = NOT A GOOD MIX

@Sassalicious ~ Thank you for letting me know. Sometimes feel like no one is reading, but I am glad you stopped by to give support. Thanks!!

@MJenks ~ THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND OF BLOGGERS. Heartfelt thank you for the e-mail and great words. I promise not to change the Lisatastrophie photo just for you!

@LarryLilly ~ fine print was deleated by lawyers. Just some notes about getting my act together for a bit.

Chemgeek said...

The first year really is the worst. No one can prepare you for what you will experience.

It will get better. The thing that makes it better is that your expectations about your students and yourself will change. While you will learn and hone your skills and techniques, understanding what your role is in your students lives will make things better. The trick is to not let the apathy become too strong.

Good luck