Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Are MY Students

And who are these well-behaved kids sitting in their desks???

...In case you think that all Ms. Lisa-tastrophie can do is b@tch about how awful things are and that her coworker is the non-cartoon version of Yosemite Sam.**  Let me share this shocker with you...

With the exception of an incident on Monday:  This week has been WONDERFUL!!!!!  The kids have behaved. No one has back-talked me (more than the required amount to save face in front of their peers). No one has peed on or in anything that wasn't the proper receptacle.  No one threw anything or tried to make a 3-point shot from half-class.  And only one student has been hauled off to jail this week (and he wasn't one of mine).  Oh Happy, Happy Day!

Of course, there might be some other reasons behind this perfect world.  Like, Yosemite Sam has been out all week and may not be back until next week (while I don't wish him any ill-will: dare to dream).  Or that the kids are exhausted from having to take the school district's equivalent of an LSAT EVERY subject, all day long, for three days in a row.  GAWD bless the inventor of the scan-tron form.  Cause, you know I would be a-b@tchin' about having to grade those things.

I however, prefer to indulge myself and believe that it is my superior classroom management and relationship building skills that have incited this pre-apocalyptic change in behavior.  Of course, we all know how delusional Ms. Tastrophie can be when she is hyped up on Ho-ho's and the thought of 20 NEW episodes of The Girl's Next Door.

I just thought I would share this positive teaching moment because, if the forecast from the other teachers is correct, there's a storm brewing and the four horsemen will be riding hard when it comes***....

**Don't worry.  More tales of him are coming.  He's just too much NOT to write about :-)
*** Hell, yes, I will post about that.  I would never leave my loyal readers (all four of you, bless you all) hanging in suspense.


Vanessa said...

Good! Because that was quite the cliffhanger! Glad things are smooth for the moment.

DG said...

Maybe they got into your Ho Ho / Zanax stash and that's why they ain't misbehavin'?

Great job! Keep it up, darlin'! We need more good teachers!

Caps said...

This comment is totally OT:

I know you said you're jealous of my mad knitting skillz, but I just looked at your Ravelry page, and saw that awesome scarf you're making, with the cables? Yeah, I can't do cables. So you got me on that one, sister. Maybe we need to help each other.

LarryLilly said...

Hey, I am the fourth responder, so any more is just gravy LOL

I hope you survive the next board meeting, but since your at the reform school, I mean alternative education center, no one would want your job anyway.

Abbie said...

Crap, and I came here to read some more action hilarious stories...stupid well behaved kids!

GND? 20 new episodes? Where have I been? Busy! That's where.